Water purification is one of the leading concerns today. Naturally pure water is rare to find so impure water is treated and made fit to pure. Water filter jugs have made this aspect much easier in our lives. Water filter jugs are small and mobile water purification devices. They purify water in small amount. But now which jugs to buy? So here are top 5 water filter jugs available online –


1. BRITA Elemaris

BRITA is a great water filter jug as it is available in different types of colors to choose from. It is slim and so it will fit any fridge compartment. It has added feature as a flavor enhancer which encourages you to drink water instead ofsugary drinks.

Also now this product has a great feature it has lessened the buildup of lime scale which makes it easier to clean and maintain it. You do not need to keep cleaning it after using it. It is capable of staying clean and doing the job with ease.The model comes with rubber on the grip and also on the bottom of the pitcher to maintain a better grip. WSE is one the top sites in the UK so if more information is required then simply checks out the site.

2. Aqua Optima Galia Filter Jug

This filter jug is famous for its time of filtration. It lasts for up to 2 months for a whole family. It comes with 6 filters so it can easily last for up to 1 whole year. It is wonder for travelers it is said that it tastes better than any type of tap or bottled water tested. It is well designed style and can fit into any fridge door with ease. It has capacity of 2.25 liters.

3. PureAire Alkaline Water Jug

PureAire Alkaline Water Jug has been introduced to make your water feel very soft and silky with flavor. It is meant to make you feel good and also to encourage you and your entire household to start drinking water as well. The water also makes your vegetables better when washing, boiling, or steaming using the filtered water. The advanced technology has been used to filter out water, removing metal ions found in water like lead or copper. It also gets rid of chlorine and other toxins usually found in tap water, making it safe to drink.

4. Ecobud Fluoride and Chlorine Water Filter Jug

This jug is extremely popular because not only do the usual job of ridding it from toxins and other pollutants but also it removes fluoride from water as well. It is almost 100% free from fluoride. It makes the pH of water 8.0 and above, making your body’s pH balanced and healthy. It kills the metal ion and bacteria of the water.

5. BWT 2.7L Mineral Water Jug

The greatest feature of this jug is that it is a water filter jug perfect for any type of household. It has capacity of 2.7 liters of water which means there is no need to keep refilling. It prevents lime scale from happening to kettles and other metal pots. Advanced technology to assure that what you are drinking is clear with both flavor and aroma. If you need more information on the water filter jugs then click here to read more.

Top 5 Water Filters Jugs online Sellers

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